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美、英、印网民评论伦敦骚乱 认为英国很烂

论坛出处:西陆中国军事 作者:耕叟 时间:2011-08-12 01:08:30
  Flidias R about an hour ago
  This will happen in the u.s as well if our economy goes really really bad or crashes. Just my opinion!
  John Edwards 2 hours ago
  I hope this does not come to USA ,
  G 2 hours ago
  How do upright and law abiding citizens protect their families from these scumbags from crawlingthrough their kitchen windows and looting and killing their families and friends?
  Lola 3 hours ago
  Just send the army in to take care of it. Bring in martial law already jeez
  sasha 3 hours ago
  i will not be suprised when this kind off problem gets here.There is no jobs economy is bad evrybody worrys about the job and other problems.
  Tom 2 hours ago
  What in the HELL is going on with our world?
  JOE PRO 2 hours ago
  Start shooting them... maybe they’ll figure out that this is not a good path!
  向他们开枪 …. 也许他们会搞清楚,走这条路是不对的!
  . 16 minutes ago
  Muslims suck. Assimilateor get the hell out of the west. We don’t want your inferior culture being imposed on us.
  Addy-Giants in yo face! about an hour ago
  The Rise of the Planet of the Apes. There has beenmob of blacks causing trouble all over; from the UK , US, Africa, Canada , etc. Shame!
  RAMIRO G 3 hours ago
  All my life I thought of the English as law abiding people . What’s happening now ?
  Dirk Bold 2 hours ago
  They are criminals, nothing more, nothing less.
  Konker wrote:
  Aug 9th 2011 4:51 GMT
  @jomellon wrote "Tory governments = institutionalised inequality = riots"
  Because the UK (unlike Germany , Norway and Japan ) has a crappy crisis prone, ultra-liberal economic model that institutionalises inequality. Whenever there is a bust the marginalised get hammered just as now...which leads to street protests. And the UK economy doesn’t even grow as fast or as consistently as those other countries
  How not to equip people for the labour market or help businesses produce quality....reduce access toeducation, health and housing and provide rubbish infrastructure. Then expect foreign manufacturers to come....... simply because its easier to fire people inthe UK . That just makes it easier for them to leavewhen the crises come. Nowonder manufacturers prefer to locate in better quality places.
  @jomellon “保守党政府=制度化不平等=暴动”
  因为英国有一个糟糕的危机趋向(不像德国,挪威和日本),极端自由经济模式,制度化不平等。只要出现萧条,边缘人群就受到冲击,就像现在一样 … 引发了街头抗议。英国经济甚至都不再像其它国家一样持续快速增长。
  不为劳工市场配备劳力,不帮助商业的生产质量 … 减少了教育,医疗,住房的机会,提供垃圾基础建设。然后,期待着外国制造业能来 …. 很简单,因为在英国,很容易就能解雇人,当危机到来时,他们离开得更容易。难怪制造商情愿把厂设在更好的地方。

  shubrook wrote:
  Aug 9th 2011 4:57 GMT
  Maybe you could ship the rioters over to the US . We will soon need lessons in how to do it properly.
  Chinaeagle wrote:
  Aug 9th 2011 5:03 GMT
  I totally agree with Jean Michel’s comments on the hypocricy of Westernmedia such as Economist.
  If the same thing had happened in China, the key words of the news report on Western media would have been"suppress" ("peaceful" protesters), "brutal" (treatment on "peaceful" protesters),"persecution", "corrupt" (Chinese government),"democracy", "freedom" (which is the only way tosolve all Chinese problems).
  However, when I used these key words to search this news report but found none was used, which means that:
  (1) Britain police nicely treated the Blacks, no suppression, no mistreatment, no persecution, etc.
  (2) Britain politicians and policemen are clean, no corruption, no need for investigation.
  (3) Since democracy and freedom can solve all problems, this riot should have not happened in U.K. So it must not be a fact.
  What a joke! Like many other Western media, Economist keep illustrating its stupidity, bias, and ignorance.
  我完全同意 Jean Michel 说西方媒体是很虚伪的评论,《经济学人》就是这样。

  common_man wrote:
  Aug 9th 2011 5:08 GMT
  You peopele need to wake up. There is NO, and I mean No comparison between the situations in Europe and USA , and China and the Mid East. In China and in the Middle East , those people are rioting and dying for something so simple as free speech, and to have access to their governments (through unrigged open elections). In Europe theyseem to be whining, moaning, and protesting about their free, free government cheese. It’s sad that a man died, but such destruction is nearly mindless in, and of itself as a political statement, especially when your burning downyour own town. Guess that nearly free education, nearly free housing, and free healthcare only makes people so happy.
  你们这些人需要醒醒了。“没有”,我意思是欧洲和美国,中国和中东的情况,“没有”可比性。在中国和中东,那些人暴动,为某事死去,很简单,因为没有自由演讲权,没有进入政府的途径(通过公开选举的途径)。在欧洲,他们看起来似乎在抱怨,哭啼,抗议他们的自由 。有个人死了,这的确很令人难过,但把这作为政治声明,特别是烧了你自己的城市,这样的破坏是很盲目和愚蠢的。想想那里几乎免费的教育,几乎免费的住房,免费的医疗,只会让人觉得好幸福。
  The Pen is Mightier than the Sword wrote:
  Aug 9th 2011 5:10 GMT
  To suggest that this is the result of a revolution against an oppressive government or the consequences of welfare reform is total nonsense.We all seek a fairer society where opportunity can be provided to the most underprivileged. Between 1997 and 2010 billions of pounds were pumped into decaying urban centres. To what effect? What is taking place is organised criminal activity. Pure and simple.Theft, arson and criminaldamage. Ask one of these thugs involved andthey will not tell you theyare bringing down the government or opposed to welfare reform. They will tell you it is a good crack and a way of getting something for nothing. Cameron needs to bring down the hammer on these people. Put the army on the streets if necessary and impose a curfew. Then bring the full force of lawto bear on those responsible.
  建议一下,这样反对政府压迫或者是福利改革的结果,是很荒谬的。我们都在寻找一个更公平的社会,可以提供给大多数低层贫困者机会的社会。在 1997 年到 2919 年,他们大手笔给了数十亿英磅给贫民窟(城市中的衰落地区)。产生什么作用了?看看现在发生的――组织犯罪活动。显而易见,盗窃,纵火和犯罪破坏。问问那些参与的暴徒,他们不会告诉你他们要打倒政府,或者反对福利改革。他们会告诉你,一无所有了,这是一个很好的办法获得些东西。卡梅伦需要重重敲打这些人。如果有必要,派军队到街上去,实行宵禁。然后,对那些需要负责任的人,进行法律制裁。
  ratna (mumbai)
  7 mins ago (12:33 PM)
  How sad to read that some1 from the rioters say "come join for fun". don’t they realise the amount of loss they are causing for their country. nusance ........... taking some one else’s life has become very cheap thing. ppl don’t care @ all for another human being.
  看到有些暴动者说“加入我们,玩玩”,真是难过。他们没有意识到他们给他们国家造成的损失有多大吗?愚蠢 …… 夺取别人的性命变成是很容易的事情。他们完全不关心其他的人。
  Murtaza Shamsi (Dubai UAE)
  26 mins ago (12:14 PM)
  Boys as young as the age of 10 rampaging through the streets throwing bottles at policemen! Welcome to the age of biological warfare!
  Anmol Singh ( New Delhi , India )
  48 mins ago (11:52 AM)
  Anyone see a similarity between UK right now and Egypt a few months back?
  Shekar Norona (Mumbai)
  51 mins ago (11:49 AM)
  What can
  UK , Europe and US expect when you allow thousands of Pakis and north Africans into the country. What you sow, so you reap. Live in fear for the rest of your generations. You colonised the world and now the wheel has turned around.
  l ghaseeta ram ( delhi )
  57 mins ago (11:43 AM)
  good for england stop discrimination.there is much more to fallow if political solution is not found. lesson for india allthis can happen here if thegovt.does not get its act together.l ghaseeta ram
  Aditya ( Delhi )
  1 hr ago (11:32 AM)
  Cameron is useless. If he had any testicles, he would have called in the army immediately to call a halt to this unchecked lumpen elements.
  Bharat ( Delhi )
  1 hr ago (11:10 AM)
  I never thought the politics of Britain is so cheap.... since Britons aresaid to be educated and Britain a developed country....Anyhow, the truth is out...
  我从来没想到英国的警察这么差劲 … 因为英国人据说是接受过教育的,英国是个发达国家 … 不管怎样,真相出来了。 (译文来自龙腾网 翻译:tvenana)
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